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ECI Support Centre Response to the European Ombudsman Own Inquiry into the Functioning of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) OI/9/2013/TN

Mar 30, 2014
The ECI Support Centre is a joint initiative of the European Citizen Action Service, Democracy International and the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe. The ECI Support Centre is a not-forprofit service, whose purpose is to provide advice and help to ECI organisers before and during the process of launching and implementing an ECI.
This service aims at complementing the support which is available through other institutional channels (e.g. the European Commission contact point, the Economic and Social Committee's intermediary role etc.).

The ECI Support Centre provides up-to-date information, policy-analysis on the development of the ECI, and tailor-made advice to citizens on legal basis, campaigning and fundraising.

In this respect, the ECI Support Centre and its partners have gathered substantial knowledge on the issue1 over the last 2 years that will be summarized and presented here. Therefore, we welcome the decision of the European Ombudsman to investigate this instrument further and to allow civil society and stakeholders as well as ECI organisers to participate in the inquiry. This report will give an overview of the state of play and will discuss the ECI, before further elaborating on specific aspects of the different steps in the process.