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Fiscal Impact of EU Migrants in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK

November 12, 2014

This study was undertaken to estimate some aspects of the net fiscal impact of EU migrants in four EU countries Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The report outlines the role of Fiscal Impact of EU Migrants in Selected Countries migrants from EU countries as participants in the labour market, as taxpayers and as benefit recipients also. The fiscal contribution of EU foreigners has increased substantially in the past several years. Compared to 2009, inn 2013 EU migrants paid 31% more in direct taxes as their wages increased and more EU workers found employment opportunities in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. As migration accelerated, EU foreigners also paid 44% more on indirect taxes, as they spent more onconsumer purchases. EU foreigners in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK received 35% more benefits than they did in 2009, due to the overall expansion of the welfare state in addition to the inflow of EU migrants.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

Assessing the Fiscal Costs and Benefits of A8 Migration to the UK

July 1, 2009

A8 immigrants who are eligible to receive state benefits are 60% less likely to claim for them than the native population -- and are 13% less likely to do so adjusting for demographics. Since 2004, A8 migrants have made net contributions to public finances. Immigrants also tend to be more highly educated, more likely to participate in the job market, and have much higher employment rates.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

UK gains £20bn from European migrants, UCL economists reveal

November 5, 2014

European migrants to the UK are not a drain on Britain's finances and pay out far more in taxes than they receive in state benefits, a new study has revealed.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the UK

August 12, 2014

This briefing provides an overview of the existing estimates on the impact of immigration on government finances for the UK and other countries and explores the conceptual and methodological issues related to estimating the fiscal impact of immigration.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

Executive Summary of the July 2014 Fiscal Sustainability Report

July 1, 2014

An executive summary of a larger UK fiscal report on the present state of UK finances. Emphasizes the economic threat posed by the UK's ageing population and low net migration.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

What Do We Know About Migration? Informing the Debate

May 15, 2014

The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the UK's national discussion about immigration. Immigration is a matter of deep concern to millions of people, it receives extensive coverage and commentary in our national media and it is the subject of strong and intensive national political and polemical debate, both in the run-up to the forthcoming European Parliament elections and more generally.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

The Labour Market Effects of Immigration

March 5, 2014

This briefing discusses the impacts of immigration on the labour market in the UK, focusing on wages and employment.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

Costs and 'Benefits': Benefits Tourism, What Does It Mean?

February 21, 2014

No agreed definition exists for a 'benefits tourist', and while a recent government commissioned report does provide a definition of who counts as a 'health tourist', this is by no means universally accepted. In practice, the use of both terms by the media and policy makers is often vague and confusing, dealing with different groups at different times to make different points.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

David Cameron Shelves Migration Report Amid Lack Of Evidence

January 14, 2014

Due to a lack of evidence backing-up the argument that EU migrants cause net harm to the British economy, David Cameron has scrapped a government report analyzing the impact of the EU's free movement rules on the UK.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

The Truth About Immigration in the UK 2014

January 9, 2014

BBC political editor Nick Robinson examines the public's anxieties about immigration and reveals the facts of an issue that has transformed British politics. With Britain braced for a new wave of migrants from eastern Europe, a subject once regarded as toxic is now at the forefront of political discussion. The programme dissects the decisions which led to the biggest surge of immigration in modern history and asks whether politicians can control immigration as much as they claim, looking at the potential consequences of their pledges.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

Romanian and Bulgarian Migration - What Next?

January 1, 2014

Argues for some 'fixes' to prevent any economic vulnerability that Britain may face e.g. delays in the time it takes for EU citizens to qualify for benefits.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

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