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Assessing the Fiscal Costs and Benefits of A8 Migration to the UK

July 1, 2009

A8 immigrants who are eligible to receive state benefits are 60% less likely to claim for them than the native population -- and are 13% less likely to do so adjusting for demographics. Since 2004, A8 migrants have made net contributions to public finances. Immigrants also tend to be more highly educated, more likely to participate in the job market, and have much higher employment rates.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

What Do We Know About Migration? Informing the Debate

May 15, 2014

The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the UK's national discussion about immigration. Immigration is a matter of deep concern to millions of people, it receives extensive coverage and commentary in our national media and it is the subject of strong and intensive national political and polemical debate, both in the run-up to the forthcoming European Parliament elections and more generally.

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK

November 1, 2013

In this paper, we investigate the fiscal impact of immigration on the UK economy, with a focus on the period since 1995. We provide estimates for the overall immigrant population for the period between 1995 and 2012, and for more recent immigrants who arrived since 2000, distinguishing between immigrants from European versus non-European countries. Overall, our findings indicate that EEA immigrants have made a positive fiscal contribution, even during periods when the UK was running budget deficits. This positive contribution is particularly noticeable for more recent immigrants that arrived since 2000 in particular from EEA countries

EU Rights: Freedom of Movement in the EU

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